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Strictly regulated according to the type of pruning selected, this takes place over the winter but never when it is freezing. Our entire vineyard is pruned in Chablis style, a noble method that involves removing some of the vine’s branches (“arms”, shoots, buds) to keep the number of buds required to obtain a high-quality yield. The goal is to regulate and harmonise the production and vigour of each vine.


Carried out from February to April with special pliers and wire. The vine’s “arms” or main branches are attached to supporting wires to shape the way the vine grows in order to allow sun and air to penetrate the canopy of foliage, thus preventing diseases caused by overcrowding.


From May to June, the vegetation is encouraged to grow upwards to maximise its exposure to sunlight. Shoots are supported by wires so that they do not touch the ground. During the principal growth period, shoots can grow several centimetres a day.


In June, shoots are separated and raised using staples between the vines to attach them to the supporting wires. The grapes ripen more quickly if exposed to the sun.

Trimming & pinching back

DIn summer, in July and August, the vines continue to grow so it is necessary to trim the tops and sides regularly. This is usually done 4 times a summer, often using a tractor. A final trim may be done manually to increase the bunches’ exposure to the sun and air.